Terms and Conditions

Reasonable Access

Areas where safe, unobstructed access is provided (see table). If the minimum clearance is not available, the area is within the inspector’s unobstructed line of sight. ‘Safe’ access is at the sole discretion of the inspector.

Table 1 - Reasonable access
Area Access manhole
Crawl space
Roof space 450 x 400 600 x 600 Accessible from a 3.6m ladder*
Subfloor 500 x 400 Vertical clearance
Timber floor: 400**
Concrete floor: 500
Roof exterior     Accessible from a 3.6m ladder*
* Or such other means of access that meet OSH requirements
** From underside of bearer


Any area that is covered, restricted, limited, inaccessible or is unable to be seen due to ceilings, walls, floors, insulation, furniture, stored items, vehicles, or any other item.

The client shall assume all risk, for any conditions or problems that may have been concealed at the time of inspection.

No item shall be dismantled, relocated or removed during the inspection. There will be no destructive or invasive testing during the inspection.

No appliances or pool equipment will be tested. Assessment of any underground services (power, water, gas, phone, drainage, septic, alarms, heating, air conditioning, storm water, central vacuums, or similar) is not included.

Onsite Inspections Ltd, directors, staff and consultants will have no liability for any damage, loss or expense arising from any error or omission in the report.

Items and Conditions Excluded

Building consents and codes, resource consent, compliance, heritage obligations, environmental hazards, soil conditions, structural integrity, engineering, toxic fungi, moulds, asbestos, pest infestation, formaldehyde, geological hazards, air or water contaminants, sheds, out houses, detached buildings, ground conditions, pipework under swimming pools and spas, private water systems, solar systems, security systems, septic systems, life expectancies, concealed defects and minor cosmetic issues.

This report does not cover building suffering from rot or toxic mould. The detection of rot is only possible with invasive testing. The areas that will be inspected will be ‘problem areas’ with a non-invasive moisture meter and thermal imaging camera.

Onsite Inspections will not comment on the extent of the remedial work that is required, or the cost of such work, nor recommend any trades people to fix or repair the defects.

Significant Defects

The inspection will focus on significant defects at the date and time of the inspection. The client acknowledges the following:

  1. The limited scope of the inspection accepts that it may not identify all past, present or future defects.
  2. The inspections will not access compliance with the Building Code or any structural aspects.


The client agrees to give written notice (within 10 days) on the discovery of any defect affecting the building not in the report. The client agrees to, except in the case of an emergency, will give Onsite Inspections a reasonable opportunity to re-inspect prior to any repair, replacement, or alteration being undertaken.

In the event the client fails to give such notice, the client waives any claim against the consultant in connection with the defect.

Client/Agent Obligations

The client, or agent shall notify any existing, or pre-existing conditions, repairs carried out or any other issue with the property.

The client is to arrange (where possible) reasonable access to roof space and subfloor. Please see Table 1 for ‘reasonable access’.


Payment (or proof of payment) is to be made before the report is sent.